As the leading agency in the MassMutual system, Fifth Avenue Financial is proud of our affiliation with this forward-thinking firm.

Protect & Preserve

MassMutual is dedicated to helping clients lead a more fulfilling life by addressing the financial challenges that detract from that fulfillment. Protecting their loved ones, planning for retirement and other major objectives, and preserving what may have taken a lifetime to accumulate—these are the goals that MassMutual has helped clients pursue since 1851.

Innovative Products & Services

MassMutual is a mutual company that has paid the highest dividend annually of any mutual firm since 2009. As a mutual company, MassMutual has no shareholders or obligations to Wall Street analysts. The firm’s financial strength is proof of its successful approach and willingness to provide clients with innovative products and services that make a difference in their lives.


MassMutual has long believed that diversity of background and perspectives leads to more challenging dialogues and innovative solutions that we can share with our clients. The firm strives to create a workplace where employees from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are welcomed, valued, and heard. 

Financial Freedom

Finally, MassMutual has long been passionate about helping people find financial freedom. As the largest insurance broker-dealer in the US, MassMutual offers extensive resources that can assist clients immeasurably in pursuing their most important financial objectives.