A more direct route to your financial goals

Our partnership with MassMutual means that you will have access to a full portfolio of insurance and investment solutions.

A member of the MassMutual family of firms, Fifth Avenue Financial is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan with our financial professionals serving clients across the U.S.

Whether you are preparing for a milestone life event, such as retirement or the sale of a business, or simply looking for financial protection for the future, we can offer you a new level of attention, insight, and guidance.

We take pride in our ability to create coordinated recommendations for your most complex financial challenges.

To get started, please call us at 212-536-6000.

Strategically helping you fulfill your financial goals

Achieve goals as diverse as a comfortable retirement and a meaningful legacy for your loved ones and community

Protect the wealth you’ve accumulated over your lifetime from unforeseen events that could thwart your ambitions

Assist your estate in avoiding excessive taxation, minimizing family conflict, and gaining greater assurance that your inheritance will be used as you hope it will be

Identify and mitigate risks in your personal and business life

Entrepreneurs are valued here — especially when they combine their talents with a passion for helping others.